Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Visit with the President!

I was one of the 3 students selected to travel with the President of the University to Dallas. President Powers visited 3 high schools in the Dallas area, and one of those happened to be my old high school! I was super excited! I almost missed my flight because I was suppose to arrived at 6:30am and I woke up that day at 6:03am so you can imagine how fast I had to get dressed. We traveled in a private airplane =) It was such a neat experience to go back to my high school and motivate students about going to college. It's not every day the President of a university goes to your high school to talk to you about college. Awesome job Powers!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Remembering Summer 2009

I was going through pictures from summer 2009. I wanted to share some highlights from this awesome summer. It was full of activities. From education forums about college, the DREAM Act, State Convention to National Convention, to even showing support of Iran. This summer was dedicated to the community =) I hope you enjoy it! I realized I wasn't in many of the pictures, and that's because I was the one taking them lol