Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Weekend!

Friday- Yesenia's Halloween Party!
Jarrah and I went to Yesenia's Halloween Party, she's an old high school friend. I didn't know what to wear! So I stopped at the costume shop by my house and bought a witch hat. I was in such a rush I didn't realize what a lame outfit it was. I put on the black gown I wore in one of my videos and we set to go! There were a lot of old high school friends so that made the night fun!
You remember the clip in MEAN GIRLS where Lindsay Lohan shows up to the halloween party in a really scary outfit, while all the girls are wearing super skanky costumes?? Yes! I felt like that but ehhh it was a good night!

SATURDAY- Party at the Block
Jarrah, 2 of her co-workers, and I when to the annual Party at the Block, in the heart of Oak Lawn. I had never been there before. It was like 6th Street filled with a bunch of gay men! It was so fun and we got to see a lot of interesting costumes....
It's WonderwoMAN!!!!
It's mothaf$%@ing Tina Turner and Cher!!! 
Wanna a Fanta dont you wanna a wanna Fanta!
 **My favorite costume of the night! These guys were dressed like if they were on a roller coaster ride! It looked so really and they kept doing all the expressions we all do when we get on a ride. What was your favorite costume this year?

Sunday- Halloween Night
On Halloween night, I went with Jarrah and her family to a little Halloween party. We ate some nachos and I did her little sister's make-up. She was a vampire. Afterwards we took her little sister trick o' treating in the neighborhood. It was so pack! It made me miss the good o' days when we would go trick o' treating... boy those were days. We stayed in that night and watched a bunch of movies. 

**MONDAY MORNING- I woke up sick! I got mocos running down my nose. Super sucky morning. Please  feel free to leave comments. I would really like to hear from you.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. Love your page b!!!

  2. Nice Pictures! I know some of those girls in da pics!! by the way I'm in the group pic from six flags!

  3. Thanks You! I love you too b!

    Oh really? Six Flags was really fun and you guys made it really fun as well. I'm glad you like the pictures :)