Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dinner Time! Happy Birthday Miriam!

A couple of friends and I went out to celebrate Miriam's birthday. Miriam is honestly the sweetest person on earth! I've been knowing her since middle school when we use to have ballet folklorico together. We both went off to different high schools and lost contact, but got reunited here at UT! We had an awesome time eating yummy stuff at Bar Chi in downtown Austin. The guys did some sake bombs, which seem pretty fun. I got it all on video if you want to watch. Afterward, I hit the gym with Anna. Enjoy!


  1. Aww thanks Carla I'm really glad you made it, definitely fun times! I missed you so much my love *MUAH*


  2. Cute pics! You look like you had a great time.

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  3. thank you so much :) I had a great time! SPRING ROLLS are my favorite haha