Saturday, February 19, 2011

Week 4 - Team in Training

Today's practice was very special! We had a chance to see all the other teams (triathlon and cycling) after practice. Today's run: 5 MILES!! It was going great until we hit mile 2 and there was this KILLER HILL! On my way back my right leg started to cramp up so I had to slow down.

After practice some mentors were nice enough bring us breakfast! You're excited about the bananas? I was excited about the Taco Cabana breakfast tacos in the back ;) ha ha ha
We had a special guest do the honor moment. Each time before practice, a member talks about the reason why they joined Team in Training. Some are survivors and others are running in honor of a family member or a friend.
 We then did a silent mile walk with all the members. 
Me, Stephanie, Kim, and I forgot her name :(

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