Saturday, March 5, 2011


Besides the chilly weather, it was SUPER WINDY! I struggled during the first half because we were running against the wind. I had a hard time breathing and had to stop frequently to catch my breath. I felt really discouraged because I was falling behind. As much as I ran, the wind was just not on my side. 
7 Miles
Ran from 12th St. all the way to the Triangle! We even ran by the drag. Thank god I didn't see anybody I knew. I was looking a hot mess hahaha
It wasn't until I hit mile 4 that I began to feel really good. I just kept on running! I was able to catch up and eventually past some of the people that were way ahead of me. I know it's not a competition but I felt proud of myself for pushing through. I was lucky to finish right when it started to rain. We went for breakfast to Austin Java. The Quesadilla Breakfast was sooooooooooo good!

About to get to the aid station.
 It was cold =)
The purpose of an aid station is to provide us with water and snacks. Mentors are available in case we don't feel well and need to stop. It also ensures we are running in the right direction since we all have to past an aid station during our run.

We had specialize trainers on side to teach us about what types of injuries to look for and how to treat them. Of course they also hooked it up with a nice foot massage ;)

Recommitment Party 
We had a little get together at Rob's House. Half-marathoners had to turn in some paper work for our event. It was just really nice to bond with the team, besides in practice. 
My mentor Dorothy and her husband Derek

Visit their pages to hear their amazing story!

Sadly my camera died after this :'( 

I had lots of fun, of course I was tired. I just woke up from a long nap and I'm about to get my study on! Thank you so much to those who have made a donation, you guys are awesome! If you haven't done, visit my page! Time is running out, so make your donation as soon as possible. Thanks!

*Work-out pictures taken by Derek 

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