Monday, April 18, 2011

Running Wild

Saturday April 16th 2011

On Saturday, I ran my first ever half-marathon! Since the beginning of training they had warned us about this challenging course: The ZOOMA Austin half marathon is a challenging course through the scenic Texas countryside with rolling hills. THEY WEREN'T LYING ABOUT THOSE HILLS! I was so excited the day of the race. My friend Jarrah, who's been my friend since middle school, came from Dallas to watch me. Besides the killer hills, the course was so nice. Overall it was a great experience. I was able to be part of such an amazing group of people. And with the help of family and friends I was also able to raise funds for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. 
Click below to see the rest of the pictures :D

Race started at 7:30AM

We were running in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but trees and empty fields of land... Now that I think about it, it reminded me of something out off the Texas Chainsaw Massacre when you're being chased down the road...creepy!

at the 10K mark :)
Happy I finished :) 
Our Team had a post-race booth. We got to mingle and eat some yummy snacks.
 My Awesome teammates, Stephanie and Kimber. Stephanie along with her dad will be running a marathon in Anchorage, Alaska and Kimber will be running a marathon in San Diego, California! Awesome job ladies!
One of my favorite coaches!! 
Sipping on a mimosa courtesy of the team. I mean come on we had to celebrate :) 

I placed 1026th out of 1390th which I'm actually pretty proud of. It was such a great experience and I can't wait to do it again next season! Hopefully I'll have enough time during the fall and go for a full marathon (26.2 miles) spring season!!!!!!!! We'll see about that :)

Congrats to all my other teammates!!!!!!
ZOOMA Finishing Time

> Kyler Allison 1:49
> Jennie Nelson 1:53
> Ryan Saunders 2:03
> Amanda Saunders 2:10
> David Rodriguez 2:11
> Yolanda Logan 2:13
> Jessica Vess 2:12
> Tim Thompson 2:12
> Oscar Luna 2:20
> Garrett Garfield 2:23
> Stephanie Sabo 2:24
> Reesa Berger 2:27
> Kimber Prevette 2:29
> Doka Cullender 2:31
> Judy Castro 2:31
> Carla Leyva 2:35
> Victoria Valdez 2:35
> Katherine Taylor 2:36
> Casey Toole 2:40
> Rob Rice 2:41
> Rejeana Bartelson 2:41
> Meghan Miller 2:41
> Kelly Childers 2:47
> Kim Del Castillo 2:48
> Amy Blackmon 2:50
> Sharman Haynes 2:55
> Calvin Toole 3:01
> Mellissa Alvarado 3:01
> Ninfa Conde Vidouria 3:02
> Julie Smith 3:06
> Cristella Hernandez 3:07
> Anne Thayer 3:08
> Erin Ryan 3:08
> Debbie Wilkinson 3:08
> Crystal Ziehl 3:32
> Cassie Helton 3:34
> Melissa Kikta 3:34
> Elena Perales walked w/friend

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