Monday, April 11, 2011

So Many Things To Do, So Little Time

Today I woke up to a mix of emotions. Everything in my life seems to be going wrong and I'm slowly giving up. I just feel so helpless. Over the weekend I was able to forget about all my problems. Playing soccer, having dinner with friends, dancing, tanning, swimming... oh yes did I forget. But today reality woke me up with a big slap across the face. To say I'm not looking forward to this week is an understatement. PAPER DUE, EXAMS, GROUP PROJECTS, RUNNING AS MUCH AS I CAN... and that's not including personal problems I have going on. I'm not even looking forward to my birthday, which happens to be on the day of an exam.Since it will be a night exam, I'll most likely spend it studying at the library. But two things I do look forward to this weekend are: 1) My friend Jarrah coming from Dallas to visit me and 2) I will be running the Zooma Half-Marathon. I'm ready for the weekend to be here but even then I'll still have my issues to deal with after. Sometimes I wish it wasn't me but nobody said life would be this easy. I just hope to one day be able to look back at all this and laugh about it.... as I enjoy myself by the beach.

Today at the library... sexy stuff huh
me once all this is over with... okay maybe in a couple of years lol

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