Friday, May 20, 2011

Graduation 2011

Today a lot of my close friends graduated from the University of Texas at Austin, hook'em horns! The ceremony started at 9AM, I know super early! But I couldn't miss it for the world especially because one of my BFF's Anna Maria Benitez graduated! She had plenty of support from her family and friends. Here are a couple of pictures from today's day. 

Anna walking the stage! You go girl! 
The Eyes of Texas Are Upon Youuuuuuuuu!
Anna and her parents who flew in from Rhode Island and Florida to come see her! She loves them so much! I have never seen a couple so in love =) 
Anna and me!
Fail picture! But here Alejandra joined us. I love her too!
There was seriously something up at the entrance/exit of this garage because for 35 minutes NOBODY! I repeat NOBODY could get out. We were slowly dying from all these cars being turned on but finally made it out and headed to Chilis. 
Typical... what can I say I'm a burger girl. I was on a major food coma after this. I went home and passed the f out! Well I didn't get any sleep the night before but still I slept good after this.

This blog will be updated are I get more pictures. Thanks for visiting =) 

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