Monday, June 13, 2011

Amanda's Birthday!

Taken from Sandra's Facebook
Alma, Sandra, Amanda, Erica, and Yesenia
Last Saturday was Amanda Ray's birthday party! She finally was able to kick that fake ID to the curb and party legally. She had her bash at a bar called Martini Village. The place was pretty chilled and most of my favorite twitter peeps were there. At first we weren't feeling the music, we were too hood for that hip-hop POP music. But once they started playing our shht, we were all about it! 
Taken from Sandra's Facebook
This guy was doing his thing!  He wanted this!

Betty,"They don't call me that for no reason!" LMAO!

After the party was over we headed out to XTC! Man they sure were making it rain in there. I'm still amaze how men, even some women, would spend so much money! I'll admit it was fun watching :) 

And no night can be completed without a stop to Paisanita Tacos! We only had $12 on us so we had to sacrifice drinking a coke... but the tacos made up for that!

what a great night :) 

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