Friday, June 17, 2011

A Champion's Parade

Yesterday was our 2011 Dallas Mavericks Parade! It was so much fun and hot. But we're known for beating the HEAT so the celebration went on. My friend Jarrah drove us to the train station at 6AM, which was already getting filled with Dallas Mavs. Buying train tickets was so chaotic because you had to purchase one by one. Overall we were on the train by 6:30AM and that was already considered late! We walked around to get a good spot. At the end we didn't have much luck but we settled for a spot by 7:30AM. The parade started at 10AM but because we were almost all the way to the back, it didn't get to us until 10:30AM.
Front of the Parade
Original founder and owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Don Carter
That's my friend with the green jersey, Ramiro Luna!
The players were in different trucks along with their families :)
Mark Cuban!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOOK AT THAT TROPHY!

The German Assassin is coming!

Terry, Dirk and Jason Kidd :D

Sadly the crowd went nuts and I didn't get a good picture since my camera was shaking so much :( FAIL!
Getting home was interesting.........
We were able to squeeze in on our first try! Super tight ride all the way home ha!
We headed out to Gloria's and enjoyed some yummy Mexican Food.
Chris bought Jovani a shot of Patron to end the celebration.
Overall it was a great day! I sadly had to go back to work after this but it was all worth attending. It's nice to see Dirk be this happy, I'm glad he's finally having the time of his life because the whole city of Dallas is also very thankful.

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