Thursday, June 2, 2011

Me? Pregnant!!! Noooooooooo

Lately I've been dreaming I'm either pregnant or giving birth. At first, I was worried it was a sign I was gonna get knocked up soon! HELL NA! Right now I can't afford to feed myself, less a child! So I started to do some research and to my relief I found it was NOT a sign I was going to reproduce anytime soon! THANK GOD! But instead it relates to some personal issues and thoughts I find myself dealing with right now.

"You are ready for an increase in your income." 

Why YES! I sure am! I've been complaining about how it sucks to be broke right now. Thankfully, I started working at my old job this past Tuesday so all is good for now. Hopefully I can find a better job in the long run. I like my currently job, but I would much rather be in a place I'm busier.

"You feel anxiety about being alone, or about being crowded and responsible for others. You feel stuck and impatient, waiting for something to happen."

Yes, I totally agree on this. I've been feeling so anxious lately but I don't know why. It's probably these NBA Finals! Go Mavs! No, but I really don't know why. I do feel "stuck" being back at home. For the past 4 years, I've been living on my own and moving back with momma... it just sucks. I hate that she treats me like a teenager. I love my mom, but right now I would much rather live anywhere else but here :\

"an aspect of yourself or some aspect of your personal life is growing and developing. This may also represent the birth of a new idea, direction, project or goal."

I've been feeling like this with school. Somehow, I just don't find myself doing what I wanna do. A part of me saw college as a way to get away from home, an escape. I grabbed the bull by the horns and was off for the ride! Eventually I realized I was having trouble deciding between majors. Many times I thought about just quitting and going back home but then I would say to myself, "You've come this far, you can't give up now!" I can't give up now, but I want some change. I've been thinking about what I really want to do, and  I believe I know what I really want to do. But for now that would require me to keep working, save some money and hopefully go for it.

I see myself moving on up in the near future. I might hit some road bums that may slow me down, but hopefully with the help of family and friends, I will overcome anything my way.

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