Friday, April 13, 2012

April Thirteen Is The Way To Be!!! Happy Birthday To Me!

I've been waiting for this day since last year LOL. I wanted to share this quick post to reflect on some great memories I made since my last birthday. These pictures are not enough to show how amazing this past year has been. From meeting new people, learning how to drive at 22 to finally owing my first car!  Yup it was a pretty fun year.

My birthday last year =) 22!

I ran my first half-marathon last year on my birthday weekend.  I finished in 2 hours and 35 mins. I hope to improve my time by October for the my second half-marathon.

So many of my best friends graduated from the University of Texas! Especially my great friend Anna. She's such an amazing friend and I'm so thankful to have her in my life! I'm also very thankful for meeting so many wonderful people that are now doing great things around the world!

How can I not included the day the Dallas Mavericks became the 2011 NBA Champs! I had such a great time watching the playoffs and finals with all my friends.

I had the opportunity to meet and kick it with some great ladies from my hood. Living in Austin for the past 4 years  has made me miss out in so much action in Oak Cliff.

I went to my very first concert!! Me and my brother got to see GUNS N" ROSES LIVE!!!!!!!!! OHHHHHH SWEET CHILD O' MINE!!!!!!!!

AND SO MANY OTHER MEMORIES NOT CAPTURE IN PICTURES. Thank you to all those in my life!  Can't wait for many other years to come =)

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