Thursday, May 10, 2012


My Sunday Recap


  • The GREASY pizza at the mall

  • The damage I did to my wallet

  • Not finding the sandals I wanted :(

  • Cop almost hitting me, IDIOT!

  • Driving with no gas

  • Pumping gas

  • Running that last lap at the park

  • Sore body

  • Depositing a check at the ATM so late at night -_-

  • What DID NOT SUCK!

    • Going to the mall with Jovani :)

    • All the cute things I bought

    • Pizza and caesar salad w/ tomatoes!

    • Eating a Snicker ice cream bar in the hot car

    • Kiest Park with Jarrah and Jovani

    • Peacefully walking (NOT RUNNING) at the park

    • Nice cold shower!!!!

    • Dinner with Jovani at 10:30pm because we were so hungry from running

    • In bed watching a documentary about the Ironman Championship

    • This is how I feel after my runs :(

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