Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Recap: Grubbing W/ Friends and Shopping!

I had a great weekend! It was so full of friends, laughter, and best of all food!! I kid, the best part was definitely hanging out with friends I hadn't seen in years!

I had dinner at Plucker's with Jarrah, Cruz and Armando. Cruz and Armando were PLUCKER VIRGIN but not no more! Instead of ordering the usual waffle fries as my side, I tried their 'Original Ceaser Salad.' It was 'oh-so-good,' I will definitely be trying it again. I was so full but not like 'ughh-I'm-full-I-hate-myself-full' but more like 'happy-full.'

I had breakfast with one of my good friends,Miriam. She was in town since she works in Houston. I first met her in 7th grade at Greiner Middle School. We both took 'folklorico' as an elective. We went to separate high schools but got back in touch during our years at UT-Austin. We had breakfast at Jonathon's, which by the was was my first time. The food is amazing. We did a little shopping, before she headed back to Houston.

Later on that night I met up with ANOTHER friend I hadn't seen in years! Exenia, or as I knew her in high school as 'X,' went to El Tozoncito. This is one of my favorite taco spots in Oak Cliff. The tacos are always full of flavor. We talked about her recent trip to Africa as a missionary, which had me amazed the whole time. I had great time catching up with her.

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