Thursday, September 6, 2012

GMD: Gym, Max and the DNC

Finally I had a day off on Tuesday and what better way to get the day started by sleeping in! But as usual, my mother had other plans -_- "Get up!" "Did you take care of your inspection sticker?" "Get up!" "Blah.. blah... blah..." So I got up and had no choice but to act like an grown up. I got my inspection sticker, paid my car insurance and went to the gym. I know, crazy? I ran on the treadmill and inclined the heck out of that thing. It felt good to challenge myself and pretend I was running up a hill. I also did cycling for 30 minutes. 

After a cold shower, Max and I spend most of Tuesday night watching the Democratic National Convention. 

He loved Michelle Obama's speech. 

But last night during President Bill Clinton's speech, he was a little cold.

Regardless of your political party affiliation, get out and vote! The beauty about voting is that no matter your income, education level or career path, we all get one vote. Get out and vote!

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