Saturday, October 6, 2012

Burrrr It's Cold Out Here!

Ran Outside: 4 Miles at Kiest Park with Jarrah and Stephanie

Walked Dogs: 2 Miles around my neighborhood

Thumbs up! 
Morning Recap: Woke up to 40 degree weather! Met up with the girls at the park at 6:15 AM. Jarrah and I didn't want to get out the car, it was FREEZING! At one point I was like, "Who does this on a Saturday?" LOL We ran at an easy pace to make sure we all stayed together because it was still dark outside. Going through the woods was super creepy! It reminded me of that typical girl-walking-through-the-woods-alone-then-gets-killed scene. No bueno. 
Me pretending to run =) 
We made it out alive, and after our run I came home to walk Kimbo and Max. I can't believe how many loose dogs there are in my neighborhood  NOT COOL! Thankfully, we didn't get attacked... today. I then went to McDonalds, but to my defense I haven't been there in ages and I was craving a McMuffin. I know it wasn't the healthiest breakfast choice but ehhh YOLO, ha ha!

It feels really good to get all this done before 9 AM and on a Saturday with 50 degree weather. I'm gonna kick it under my covers for the next 2 hours, finish up Gossip Girl on Netflix, which btw is so intense right now. Thanks for reading!

How did you start your weekend? Are you liking this weather?

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