Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy National Taco Day!

Today is National Taco Day! Have you had your tacos yet? I'm a huge taco lover. I love tacos just as much as a crackhead loves crack. I usually order them beef fajita on corn tortilla. Add a bit of cilantro, onions, limon, salsa, *guacamole if available* and BAM!! Pretty average right?

Paisanitas to the mouth! 

I almost didn't eat tacos today. My mother was cooking non-taco food. I was like, "How can I NOT eat tacos on National Taco Day?" So on my way back from running some errands, I was determined to eat tacos.

I stopped by this taco place, which ironically is located right next to my gym *Sorry Mr. Gym I shall visit you soon, I promise* I ordered 4 tacos and an Horchata, yum. Because it was Thursday, the tacos were only $1!! DOUBLE WINNING!! They weren't the best, they weren't that bad either but they were under $5, near my house and did the job of fulfilling today's National Taco Day celebration =)   

My mother still doesn't know I ate before I got home -_-

Tacos from past blog posts
How do you like your tacos?

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