Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Quick Update/Rave Run Recap

Hello again! Man I was on a blogging roll last month that suddenly came to a stop. I had to take a break from running life to focus on my personal business. So what was I up to last month? I quit my job, went unemployed for 4 weeks, then finally got a new job! I'm back on track now and ready to put some more miles in.

That past month also screwed up my running schedule, I had to rearrange my goals along with the races I had planned to signed up for. Hopefully this time around I stay on track.


The Rave Run 5K 
Last Saturday I ran The Rave Run 5K with my friend Jarrah, Kendra and her friend(forgot her name oops!) It was so much fun. People really went all out with their wacky costumes. The weather was great, except for the strong wind. I finished in the middle so I'm pretty happy with my timing.

Me pretending to run -_- 

Kendra and her friend, Jarrah and I

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