Sunday, July 28, 2013

Too Hot To Handle 15k Recap

Recently I completed my first 15k at the 2013 Too Hot To Handle event.

This was the first time I ever made it late to a race. I didn't have time to stretch and had to rush to the starting line. I even struggled putting on my iPod, as you can tell ha ha ha!

struggling to put on my headphones LOL 
The first 3 miles are always the toughest because it takes me about 25 to 30 minutes to feel warmed up. By mile 4, a cool breeze from the light rain gave a boost, it was so refreshing. Once I reached the 'half-way turning' point, I felt mentally energized. I was able to catch up to Jarrah by mile 6.

She was having trouble with her ankle and decided at that point to stick with her until the finish line. So we ran and walked for the remainder of the race. I did take my pineapple gu around mile 8 and felt a good kick in the butt. My legs felt strong and my spirit was on high. I finished with a big smile!

The next event will be The Hottest Half in mid August. I decided to go with the 10k distance and will try to aim for a half marathon for mid-September. Happy Running!

I was very touched by this video. I hope you take time to witness her awesomeness. 

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