Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mom Tags Along and Another #TBT

After my aunt and cousin stopped by for breakfast, I went out for a run at the park. The weather felt pretty nice with no sun in sight. But guess who wanted to tagged along? It was actually sweet that my mother wanted to join me. I only ran a mile and walked the rest with her. We just talked, gossiped... you know, what girls do. 

Running Song of the Day


I recently found a lot of pictures from when I was a youngsta! I'm thinking of making it a weekly Thursday theme. What do you think? I mean who doesn't want to see more pictures of this cutie pie? I know I do!

  • Picture 1: I think this was Easter, obviously.
  • Picture 2: 6 years old living in California, being a mime for Halloween. 
  • Picture 3: That doll got stolen like a week later. Stupid kids.

I also found lots pictures of my stepdad, Rafael. He was in my life for a short period of time but I have nothing but amazing memories of him.

He was so full of life and I was always a happy child around him. I miss him a lot.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Week One Recap and Girls Night Out

Week One Recap: This past week I completed my first week of marathon training. The first few weeks will consist of low mile weekday runs and conclude with a long Saturday run. The goal is to build endurance, so the amount of miles will increase as the weeks go by. Yikes!

During Saturday's run, I got a high five followed by "YOU GO GIRL!" from a total stranger as I was finishing. It's something so minor but it made me finish strong and feel good about myself.

  • Monday: 2 miles on elliptical and 2 mile run @ the gym.
  • Tuesday: 2 mile run with my bff @ the park.
  • Wednesday: 2 mile run with my bff @ the park.
  • Thursday: 2 mile run @ the gym. 
  • Friday: rest
  • Saturday: 4 mile run @ the park. 

For the second week, I will be up to 3 daily mile runs with a 5 mile Saturday long run.

Saturday night I joined my best friend, Jarrah and other friends for some drinks. We were there to celebrate a friend's birthday and the launch of her clothing store. But before I ordered any drinks, I actually googled the amount of calories per beer and told myself I would only have 2.....

Well that didn't happen! I think I had a bit too much to drink but it's all good. I had a great time kicking with friends I hadn't seen in forever but damn to beers! Here I am Sunday night still recovering...

Everywhere I go people ask me about my gauged ears. I took this picture because I don't think a lot of my 'online' friends know. I've had them for like 4 years, with the exception of 2 year ago when I closed them for a few months. No, it did not hurt and no, I have no plans on going bigger. The end.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

#throwbackthursday (video)

Another successful run with my buddy Jarrah. We've kicking so much ass lately, we deserve a round of drinks! This weekend? Deal! I got to use my little water bottle carrier I got over the weekend. As soon we got done, we dropped dead on the sidewalk. My face, arms, shirt, legs were soaked in sweat. Awesome feeling!

My mental game has also been on point! It's easy for me to pause during a run when I start to get tired. I still have a lot to go but with each mile, I feel mentally stronger. I do take 30 second walking breaks for water but I am back at it. I put more focus on finishing and beating my usual time.

Throwback Thursday!
So in honor of Throwback Thursday, I decided to publish this random video of myself. I spend hours watching all these lame clips I filmed 3 years ago in my apartment back in my college days. It's not suppose to be funny, so don't judge my lameness... but whatever thug life! enjoy!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Give Me The Juice!

Lately my fridge has been filled with lots of vegetables and fruits, so I've been putting my juicer to work. I don't follow any specific recipes. I just take a handful of anything and throw it in the juicer. Kale, cucumbers, apples, carrots and oranges, etc.

Monday night, I was excited to start my first day of marathon training. But according to the training schedule I'm using, Tuesday was actually the first day. Either way I headed to the gym that night, this after a LONG nap. I did 2 miles on the elliptical and a 2 mile run on the treadmill. During my run I immediately noticed a difference in my breathing. Usually when I run, I feel like I have a plastic bag over my face, unable to control my breathing. But to my surprise I was able to run just fine.

Tuesday night, I met my friend, Jarrah, at the park for a quick 2 mile run. I wasn't sure how I was going to do since the outside temperature has been reaching 100 degrees. But as soon as I started, I knew it was going to be a great run. My legs felt strong and my body felt hydrated. I only took three 30 second walk breaks to refuel. I was determine to finish strong and I did! I finished 3:30 minutes faster than my usual time. It was an amazing feeling.

I'll be back at it tonight :-)