Thursday, August 15, 2013

Mom Tags Along and Another #TBT

After my aunt and cousin stopped by for breakfast, I went out for a run at the park. The weather felt pretty nice with no sun in sight. But guess who wanted to tagged along? It was actually sweet that my mother wanted to join me. I only ran a mile and walked the rest with her. We just talked, gossiped... you know, what girls do. 

Running Song of the Day


I recently found a lot of pictures from when I was a youngsta! I'm thinking of making it a weekly Thursday theme. What do you think? I mean who doesn't want to see more pictures of this cutie pie? I know I do!

  • Picture 1: I think this was Easter, obviously.
  • Picture 2: 6 years old living in California, being a mime for Halloween. 
  • Picture 3: That doll got stolen like a week later. Stupid kids.

I also found lots pictures of my stepdad, Rafael. He was in my life for a short period of time but I have nothing but amazing memories of him.

He was so full of life and I was always a happy child around him. I miss him a lot.

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