Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween Weekend Parites

In honor of Halloween, take a look at my costumes from parties I attended over the weekend.

Friday night, Jarrah and I went to a friend's party. I dressed up like a pirate and she went as a pimp. The music was great, the people were dressed up really cool and we had a great time.

Saturday night, Isabel and her roommates hosted their Halloween/House Warming Party. I went as a fortune teller, although somebody confused me for a princess. I laughed and said "Thank you."

All the girls looked great! They had plenty of drinks and snacks to get you through the night. After posing for pictures, we were off to the dance floor. We danced for the rest of the night until we said "no mas."

Happy Halloween!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

First Time Carving a Pumpkin

At age 24, I finally carved my first pumpkin. Like where have I been? Probably having a sad childhood.

My awesome friend, Isabel, invited me to a small pumpkin carving party, hosted by her and her roommates. It was nice to see some familiar faces and catch up on life while carving these things. Oh and the pizza was good too!

I had not problem carving the hole on the top. But once opened, it got really messy AND THE FUN PART STARTED. I felt like a zombie from The Walking Dead digging with my bare hands inside my pumpkin. I was taking all the "guts" out, feeling like "grrrr, how you like that Mr. Walmart Pumpkin?!?"

As for my design, well my imagination is pretty limited. I went with something EXTRA easy, mainly because I didn't want to chop my fingers off.


Everybody else actually put some effort! This was my first time but definitely not my last.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

It's Going to Be Okay

I've been avoiding this post for days.

About a month ago, I made the hard decision to stop training for a full marathon. It was hard to admit it to you but especially to myself. A marathon finish was a big goal of mine for 2013. 

Since then I've adjusted my training and will take on a half-marathon. This will be my second half-marathon. And although it's a "half," training will still require  full dedication. I haven't felt this satisfied about running in a while. My body is just loving it because it's not under a lot of pressure and my running spirit is slowly being restored. 

I neglect my blog for long periods, mainly because I have nothing awesome to update you about. But you can stay in touch with me here:

Twitter: carlaontherun
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