Sunday, February 2, 2014

2/28 Things: 3 Fears

Driving: It was't until I almost turned 23 that I learned how to drive. The reason being I was terrified. I believe this fears goes back 10 years ago, when my sister got into a major accident. It was really bad, she was messed up for a long time. Ever since then, I had no interest in learning. But now that I do drive, I'm still scared. It's not that I don't trust my driving, I just don't trust other peoples driving. I feel like I'm going to die in a car wreck. No joke. When somebody else is driving, I stay alert like if I was driving. It's so annoying.

Roaches: Ohhhh emmmm geeeeee! I hate roaches. I freak the hell out when I see one. I don't know where this fear comes from, but they're gross and ugly and if I see one I will make sure you're aware that I hate roaches so you better smash that little thing before I start screaming.

Guns: I'm from the hood, but I'm such a baby when it comes to guns. It's weird because growing up my step-dad kept a rifle behind the main door at all times, as a form of protection. But now when I see a gun, I automatically assume it's gonna go off and accidentally shoot me in the face. 

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