Monday, February 3, 2014

3/28: Relationship with Parents

Part of my 28 Things Challenge

I will be as honest as possible without over sharing since it's a bit personal.

Let's start with my father, since it'll be a short answer. I actually don't know much about him. He and my mother separated when I was 2 years old. Growing up, he made very little contact. It wasn't until I was 17 that I finally met him in person. As soon as he came into my life, he left again. I haven't heard from him since, I just know he currently lives in Mexico. 

Now moving on to my mother. Gosh this one's tough. My mother and I are not as close but we're not complete strangers either. I would say out of my 2 siblings, she and I have the best relationship (and probably because I'm the baby). We bump heads a lot because we're both very stubborn. I'm probably making this be something out of the ordinary. She acts her part. She's always on to me about saving money, what I should wear, staying out late when I have work tomorrow. The list goes on. There was a time in college when I was receiving family counseling but that's another story. Overall my mom is awesome and I should probably tell her and show her that more often. 

Pick a random question and submit your answer in the comment box, You can remain anonymous. This should be fun!  

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