Tuesday, February 4, 2014

4/28: 10 Things I Would Tell My 16 Year-Old Self

Part of my 28 Things Challenge

1. It's okay if you are not the popular kid in school. Take your best friend over a group of "friends" any day.

2. Take those AP classes seriously. You will regret it when you get to college.

3. Don't feel bad that you never had the latest pair of Jordans because guess what: IT DOESN'T FUCKING MATTER. 

4. Joining cross country was a defining moment because it saved your life.

5. Don't be ashamed to be a nerd. You are ahead of the game.

6. You are not FAT! Trust me you will know what fat is once you get to college. #Freshman15 

7. Your mom is always right.  

8. You will lose friends over the silliest reasons so don't hold grudges. 

9. Enjoy the summer and winter breaks. You will never have that kind of leisure time in the adult world.

10. Even though you'll eventually have to get a job and pay bills, there will be better days ahead. So relax, have fun and listen to what I just told you! 

Pick a random question and submit your answer in the comment box, You can remain anonymous. This should be fun!  

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