Sunday, May 4, 2014

New Trail Adventure.

This morning I woke up eager to go for a run. Actually I've been up since 3 am but whatever. I've been wanting to check out this bike/running trail but I didn't want to go alone. So I called up my friend, Jarrah, and practically dragged her out of bed. 

From the moment I got dressed and was headed over there, I was excited.The trail, fairly new, was beautiful and very peaceful. You can tell serious money was put into this project. I was surprised we were the only ones there. We did run into a lady on our way back. Also, I guess we were the only crazy ones to wake up so early on a Sunday morning. 

I want to guess it took us about a mile to reach the Trinity River. Now this river is not popular among Dallas locals. It's sort of an almost-there river.The trail took us near it and also over it, on a bridge that was part of a railroad track, waaaay back in the day. 

Check out my arms. I was thrilled! 

As you can tell we took a lot of pictures. The trail offers great views of downtown Dallas. We did run our way back. I was exhausted towards the end but still happy we got out there. It's not going to be my last time, that's for sure! Check out Santa Fe Trestle Trail's official website for more information. 


* * *
Song of the moment
I've been jammin to this song for over a week. I'm in love. 

Domingo, 5am

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and I sit there for hours just thinking.
What I did today. What I should have done. Was I right? Oh did I really just say that?
My mind never sleeps. Unless I read till I doze off. 
It seems to help.
Well not tonight. So here I am.

I'm a very sensitive person. It's my weakness and I hate it. 
I let other people's emotions get to me.
Whether it's positive or negative energy, I allow myself to feel it.
I'm always told to "grow thick skin," but I never listen.
I just get better at not making it look so obvious.
But the feeling is still there.

I'm always quick to trust.
I see the best in others, until I don't.
Then I feel like the biggest idiot and beat myself for being so naive.
Patterns. They don't seem to go away.

But this is who I am. I'll get suck into it.
The energy. The trust.
Over and over again.

Hopefully one day, I'll master the art of sensing others' true intentions from a mile away.
Maybe by then, I'll have enough time to run the other way.