Thursday, August 21, 2014

Mini Moo Cow Marathon

This was the first race I had some of my family participate. My little niece and nephew ran the marathon race (2.62 miles). It was so fun 
They really enjoyed themselves. It made the this event a lot more fun to see them run with me. 
They didn't know what to expect. They started off fast but advice them to slow down. 
Although it was only 2.62 miles, it felt like forever. They were really excited to cross the finish line. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Too Hot To Handle 15k - Recap 2014

A week ago I ran the Too Hot To Handle 15k race with my best friend Jarrah. This is our second year in a row participating in this event. Although my time improved by a few minutes, it was still not one of my best races. I fell apart on mile 8 and no matter how close to the finish line I was, I couldn't pull myself through. 
Selfie with my niece before the start.
 I did great for the most part. The first 5 miles were no biggie. As time went by, I couldn't help but to feel the sun burning over my me. The event coordinators did a great job of keeping runners hydrated through the race.

 I'm so happy my sister and niece came to see me. It really makes races feel extra special when your loved ones are there to cheer you on! I'm excited they now want to sign up for a 5k race event next month.
Thanks for visiting and looking forward to sharing many more run adventures with you all!