Sunday, October 26, 2014

No Strangers in Running

 2014 Michelob ULTRA Dallas 13.1 Marathon

Third half-marathon in the books! My attitude going into this race was different and I believe that's what helped me set a new half-marathon PR(personal best). I made adjustments to my running form and my thinking game. I also ran without music, which I usually don't do. On mile 12 I did put on my headphones and listened to Eminem tell me "success is my only motherf*cking option, failure's not!" Can you guess the song? I was running out of mental toughness by then, I needed an extra push.

Anyway, I came to this race solo and left sharing this experience with an unexpected friend.

 about to take off, the sun was not even out.
Races are not as fun when family and friends can't make it out to cheer you on. To my surprise, I ran into Lucy as we were about to take off. Lucy and I went to high school together. At the time I wouldn't had consider her my friend, but more of an acquaintance. She was a friend of a friend, if you get what I mean. As recent as a few months ago, I discovered that we both shared a passion for running. We have kept in touch since then. In the past, we've participated in the same running events but always fail to run into each other. As we set out for the finish line, we wished each other luck.

Bringing it home!

Lucy finished with a time of 2:01:59 and as for me I came in at 2:21:07. A NEW PR FOR ME! I tried to get in under 2:20 but that's for next race. I was also happy that my chip time matched exactly with my Garmin watch.

It was thoughtful of her to wait for me after the race. We took pictures and walked around for a bit. We walked more than usual because she didn't know where she'd parked. She was nice enough to give me a ride home :-)

Through running, I've been able to make connections with friends from all over the country. It's amazing to share this passion with others and even more exciting when you see them at the same running events.

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